Spearmint in the Mortar and Pestle – Add to Freshen Beauty Products

Spearmint has this amazing ability to awaken the heart and help us feel completely refreshed! Harvesting, drying and shifting spearmint can be a task in itself but once dried and the stems meticulously picked out (which we did watching Netflix) spearmint is a easier herb to grind up. And boy does the first crunch of leaves release a joyful scent into the air.

It was an ideal herb to work with when my biggest helper asked to help with my work. She knows my passion for plants and creating cosmetics. While it isn’t really her “thing” she loves being my helper.

We ground a few ounces of leaves and made the best of what we had. We added a pinch to my custom Firming Face Mask. Menthol isn’t really an ideal herb for applying to the skin for a long period of time so it was rinsed before the mud mask dried. The leaves could be used for a tea party or to spice up a lemonade for this summer’s lemonade stand. If the Covid-19 virus state limitations are life that is.

I like to add various mints to my husbands muscle relief foot soaks.

A fun project with my daughter to say the least. Look forward to my DIY coffee and mint body scrub that I am going to feature this home grown and hand ground mint in.

Until next time, Emmie the Herbal Homemaker

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