Face Cream: How To Use It & It’s Love For You

A night cream should be a deep penetrating moisturizer that works to rejuvenate and in so many words, love your skin.  Love is shown by being there for you, helping you, encouraging you through all of your trails and triumphs. This is what Emmie’s Remedies best seller has been designed for. To moisturize, rejuvenate and genuinely love your skin.  We are immersed in toxins of all kinds, we walk through life battling stress. So, it can be hard to figure out what products, if any should be used to undo the damage, or even help slow it down.  Many cosmetics and even doctor recommended topicals are loaded with synthetics.  And when shopping for ourselves, or someone who has hard to meet clean ingredient requirements, the search for top quality products that aren’t weighed down by mass preservatives, fillers and synthetics can feel overwhelming.  I once was on that mission. Hours, literally days, weeks and months of googling, nose in books, and pubmed.gov dumpster diving is exactly what I went through too. So when time ran out, I made my own.

My beautiful mother-in-law is the kind of lady you can both smoke cigarettes and sip wine with sharing and talking away the nights and also has the kind of heart that makes you want to be softer, sweeter, gentler and kinder. She is worth more than rubies. But in this world thick of contaminates and dealing with the stress of years (good and bad), like most of us, she loves feeling and looking good. Creams she once enjoyed contained a synthetic ingredient that she became allergic to. That is when I went to work.

She is more precious than rubies;

    nothing you desire can compare with her.

Proverbs 3:15

With love for her, I made a cream. One without funky ingredients. Without synthetics and something designed to care for her skin and to be there for her as she faces the years to follow.  With that, the birth of the Youth Preserve: Face Cream was born!  People like you have come here to see this all-natural cream.  I called it a night cream but, be it morning, before a brisk winter jog or when you lay down to rest this cream will be there for you.
                In the world of creams, many can say that they are 95% all-natural or say they contain some all-natural ingredients but to get the real deal, to get completely natural care for your skin, you almost have to buy something crafted by a single trusted person. I can ensure you that I use top quality ingredients, I can customize to meet all your preferences and that what I make will be made with the love and care I had when I made my mother-in-law’s first jar two years ago.

                Whether we are new to self-care products or have been moisturizing, exfoliating, toning and so on for 30+ years it is good to know the intended way to use a cream and how to care for all-natural products. Yes, you’ll have to care for this jar of luxurious whipped shea butter and aloe face cream.

How To Care For All-Natural Cosmetics:
Like the food in your fridge, or the cut roses in a bouquet, all-natural cosmetics have a shelf-life. Some have a life span of 7 days best in the fridge and others a few months to a year in a dark cool place like the bathroom cabinet.  The Youth Preserve: Face Cream can live in a dark cool place for 6 months or extended by being placed in the fridge (a fun way to switch up your morning routine and really get ready to shine for the day).  Bacteria can still contaminate the jar and alter the shelf life. So, since this cream is now caring for you, simply care for the cream back. Wash your hands and face (or wherever you and rubbing this thick skin loving cream) before applying it to your skin. Return the jar top and screw on the lid tightly. Store in a dark cool place and keep out of reach of curious children and pets.

Ways To Apply Youth Preserve: Face Cream
Traditionally, this was designed to be used as a night cream and/or a morning cream.  Simply before bed or when you rise wash your face with a warm cloth, massaging your face and skin in a circular motion. Pat dry hands and face.  Using your fingertips, massage dime size amounts of Youth Preserve: Face Cream in the same circular fashion on your forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, chin and neck making sure to avoid eyes. This can be done 1 to 2 times a day for normal to dry skin and done every other day for those who have oily skin. Before using any new cosmetic crafted from Emmie’s Remedies, please test a patch of the product on a small area of skin such as the inside of your elbow. Wait 15 minutes to see if there is any allergic reaction and do not continue to use the product if a reaction occurs.
For a full in-home spa effect, take some time for some one on one (with yourself) self-care. Warm water wash your face and neck using a Norwex Body Cloth. With a cloth or cupping with your hands carefully wake your skin up massaging extra cold water.  Massage your forehead, smooth out your fine lines made from both smiling and stressing. Pat dry when you feel refreshed.  Take a deep breath, look in the mirror and repeat a minute of deep breathing with relaxed slow exhales. You are beautiful. Continue the spa by applying the Chia Firming Face Mask to your face. Place a teaspoon or two in a bowl and match it with the same amount of water. Stir the mixture with your fingers and massage onto your face. These are great to do alone or with a good friend (or daughter!). Allow the mask to dry and find something to either play or relax too. Yes, I said play! Take 20 minutes to do computer solitaire or read, maybe organize if that is what you enjoy.  Wet your Norwex Body Cloth with warm water and massage and wash away the hardened clay. Pat dry.  Now massage in the Youth Preserve: Face Cream but note that your skin has been cleansed and nourished, use less of the cream than in the traditional method. Close your eyes, deep breath. In. Slow relaxed exhale. Enjoy!

I, Emily from Emmie’s Remedies am looking out for you. If you have any questions or would like a crafted jar of Youth Preserve: Face Cream, I’d encourage you to follow me, email me, and peak at my Etsy listings!

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