Cleansing Clutter

Life is full of junk. Junk food, junk attitudes and well, junk. Let’s take a look at the most common thing that comes to mind when we hear junk. Unwanted, no longer used “stuff”.  I was looking for trash bags in my main floor’s utility closet and it was stressful to look at. Most of it was important to have easily accessible at one time or another but their times to shine had died.  Used up coloring books, open and spread all over the place mouse traps, bits of dog food in the corners… and trash! Things that were opened and their packaging just laid next to it!  Cleaning can feel overwhelming but cleansing my closet or decluttering feels so good!
                It is important that we take time to care for our surroundings, clearing our paths, removing the “crap” and sorting away things that aren’t really needed in the immediate to be stored or given away (or even sold! I just love using Facebook Marketplace – so obsessed!).  It goes without saying when things are neater, straightened out, we can focus better.  I will constantly think about all the things I need to deal with and it is so distracting and sometimes stressful.  I never had the “cleaning” gene, and maybe it was because I didn’t grow up with strict chores. For whatever reason I slack at picking up after myself sometimes, I’m really focusing on creating the habit of cleansing. Or in this case since it isn’t cleansing my physical body of toxins but my home of trash and clutter; I’m learning to have the habit of cleaning up right away. But to get there and feel good in my home I have to clean the existing clutter.
                This is how I focus on decluttering. No I didn’t use the weird Netflix show that adds sparkle or joy to a room.  I simply open up the area. Look it up and down. Study it, and this only takes a minute (or less). In this case my closet had things in these categories electrical, crafts, pets (and crap, like baby shoes that need to be sold or stored away, dog food spread on the floor, random empty large bags that take up space). Begin by choosing a starting place, I picked the floor. Cleaned up the dog food, wiped out the mud from my foot soak bathtub and put puzzles in the kids room. Then the first shelf was sorted, cleaned. Then the next shelf. Tash made it to the bin and I didn’t spend looking at each individual piece but rather took on categories in one swoop.

                When decluttering, it is important to not be overly critical of yourself or how well and fast you progress. We will continue to make messes and clean them up for the rest of our lives. It’s just the way things are, but it can be enjoyable. Spark creativity when running all that stuff your stopped using 2 years ago (journals, paints and so on).  I will keep working on my lifetime transformation of picking up after myself, and hopefully I will be so good at it that one day when it’s declutter day, I can get it all done much faster!

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