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The Herbal Approach

The herbal approach is just one piece of the pie in holistic health. Wellness begins with the cells of our bodies and extends beyond the physical and to the mental and spiritual “wellness” of our heart and soul. We work to optimize our bodily health and beauty through multiple ways including diet, sensitivity testing, and nutritional supplementation from vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals and to (of course) herbs/botanicals.

The Homemaker Story

Your Prayer and Wellness Coach, Mrs. Emily Becker had a crash course in life when it all fell apart. Diet, faith, she failed. Being thrown from a chaotic life into health trials and becoming a stay at home mom – reality (well Jesus) woke her up and rose her above when all seemed helpless. Healed physically and redeemed spiritually, she has spent the last 7 years optimizing her family’s home spiritually and has been self studying all-natural remedies to help her family, neighbors and online followers. She has saught and helped countless people suffering from Alopecia (hairloss) after having recovered from it personally and continue to strive to serve and help in all ways she knows how to.